Your guide to the deal jungle

Moglee - Your Guide in the deal Jungle

A big problem haunting customers and businesses (Shopkeepers/Retailers/Brands) alike, is the lack of information sharing and marketing platforms for the businesses to share information about the latest offers and discounts with their target customers. This lack of information doesn't just harm businesses but the customers too. They end up paying more for a thing that they could have bought at a discounted rate somewhere else. Although, the mobile application market is full of applications that give information about discounts and offers on online shopping, there is a lack of Mobile apps that focus on physical shopping. This was the reason we came up with this revolutionary app called Moglee

About Moglee App

Moglee("Mobile" + "Glee") acts as your guide to the deal jungle. It is a mobile application that brings the offers and discounts at a shop nearest to your location at your fingertips. All you to do is, open the Moglee App and browse through the discounts/deals being provided by retail stores in the locality. It givesyou, highly customized and updated information of all the discounts being offered on food, apparels, accessories and travel. You also receive reward points based on the number of times you use the app and the number of additional users they invite. These rewards can then be redeemed at our partner stores. You have various options in the form of goodies/ extra discounts to redeem the reward points you accumulate. Hence, you end up saving a lot of your hard earned money. For businesses, it acts as a super cost effective direct marketing platform. These businesses can target their offers and discount schemes to their customers in effectively “zero” promotion and marketing costs as compared to the conventional marketing avenues. Not only this, they can track their reach and the effectiveness of their listing with Moglee in a much more accurate manner than on conventional marketing platforms.

We our focusing on Shopping, Food and Travel retailers and app in the Delhi NCR region in our first phase but will be extending our services to retailers in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Chandigarh in the second phase. So, the users in Delhi NCR can enjoy our services while the users in other locations will have to wait a little longer.

In a nutshell, if you are a shopper looking to save a lot by getting the best things available in your locality for comparatively cheaper and discounted prices, you need to install and start using the Moglee App on your smartphone- The most innovative and the most useful location-based offer app out there. If you are a business tired of wasting money on advertisements to no success whatsoever and are looking for a better, more cost effective way of promoting your business, you need to sign up with us and be a vendor partner.